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What kind of beauty services are available in Monmouthshire?

For most people, the summer holidays are over and its back to the grindstone. For some its work, others education or just daily routines. The summer of 2018 has been, in most parts, fantastic. Very high temperatures and prolonged warm weather although welcome, also caused problems for some people.

In the UK, we are used to hot periods in very short bursts between rain and so people get the sunshine when they can. This can cause skin problems for those who never took enough care and are now paying the price. Others over indulged with the BBQ and outdoor living and have added a few pounds.

Other people are just a tad fed up with having to go back to the normal routine and the thought of the oncoming winter  has some people on the low side.

What should I do?

There is, unfortunately, nothing we can do about the weather but we can do things to lighten and brighten our lives.

For people who have suffered with the sunburn, you should talk to the people at Designed for Beauty for the best advice on repair and protection. Designed for Beauty have a range of surgical and none surgical aesthetic treatments for all sorts of skin problems. You’ll be surprised at what is available.

Slimming, toning and weight loss programs can get you back into shape, ready for the Christmas and New year and feeling great about yourself again.

There are health Spa’s and Holistic retreats ready to get you relaxed and rejuvenated and much more health and beauty treatments as well.

So, don’t let the grey clouds get you down, contact Designed for Beauty and get yourself some health and beauty happiness. The staff are available to answer any and all of your questions.



How Does the Sun Affect Hair and Skin?

British Heatwave: How does the sun affect Hair & Skin?

Skin and Hair Care Monmouthshire

Be careful in this very extreme hot weather.


Sun, sea and sunburn? Britain is baking in one f the hottest summers ever recorded. People are actually moaning that its too HOT! I never thought I would hear that said so readily.  The heatwave is set to continue with temperatures reaching 37ºC in some places in the UK.
So, what affect does the harsh sunlight have on a persons skin and hair?

Sun on your head?

Melanin is a pigment found in your skin and hair cells that gives each its color.
It does seem weird that the sun bleaches our hair and darkens our skin.
This mostly has to do with hair being dead and skin being alive. The sun bleaches and destroys the melanin in your hair giving you lighter hair.

Sun on your skin?

Harmful Effects of Sun Exposure. The main risk factor for sunburn, premature skin aging, skin damage, and skin cancer is exposure to UV light from the sun. More than 90 percent of skin cancers are caused by sun exposure. Using tanning beds and tanning lamps also increases the risk for skin damage and skin cancer.

Having a great tan makes people feel better and some people go to extremes to get such a tan. However, you really do need to be aware of the harmful effects of the hard sunlight and sunbathe sensibly.

If you need information on skin and hair care, you can contact Designed for Beauty at any time for good free advice.

Retreats Forest of Dean Lodges

Retreats in the Royal Forest of Dean

Retreats Forest of Dean

Forest of Dean Lodges and Cottages are more than just holiday accommodation.

Retreats in the Royal Forest of Dean are not just for summer holidays and week-end breaks. The  Forest of Dean Lodges and Cottages are used for a myriad of purposes. OK, primerilly, the lodges and cottages are holiday accommodation but there are extra services available.

Forest of Dean Lodges – Health and Beauty

Designed for Beauty offers you much more than a beautiful holiday in the forest. Along with the idyllic, picturesque location, we can offer the following health and beauty services.

  • Weight loss retreats
  • Massage
  • Couples retreats
  • Transformation retreat
  • Certificated VTCT Courses
  • MCA/ Dry Needling
  • Laser/ IPL
  • CPD Courses
  • Sciatica and Knee pain
  • Rotata cuff and carpal tunnel
  • Forest Spa Retreat

Some people are stretched for for time and getting away isn’t always easy. For this reason, our Forest Lodges packages are very flexible. If you can’t get a week away, then try a weekend break. If you are reallyy pushed, then we can offer you special “Day Packages“.

From our Forest Oasis site, you can see what we have to offer you. Great deals for types of health and beauty treatments.

Beauty and Health Packages Forest Retreats

Mother & Daughter

​Hot Tub, Hydrating Hands & Fabulous Feet


Top to Toe

Hot Tub, Reflexology, Facial, Herbal Tea and Robe.


Holistic Heaven

Hot Tub, Hopi Ear Candle Treatment, Full body Aromatherapy, Taster Reflexology, Herbal Tea and Robe.


Sooth Away Aches and Pains

Hot Tub, 40 min Massage, Herbal Tea and Robe.



Hot Tub, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Detox Foot Spa, Detox Tea and Robe.


Girls Galore

Hot Tub, Manicure, Pedicure, Luxury Facial, Herbal Tea and Robe.


Body Indulgence

Hot Tub, Cleopatra Full Body Wrap, Hand and Foot Hydration Massage, Herbal Tea and Robe.


As you can see, there are great offers. If you are looking to get away and treat yourself at the same time, please contact us. We are always available for a chat. If you need more information, please get in touch, we are delighted to help.

St Valentine’s Day Beauty Salons

St Valentine’s Day Wye Valley – Beauty Salons

St Valentine's Day 2018

“Love is….” Knowing your something special.

St Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. To be honest, if you asked one hundred people who St Valentine was, I don’t suppose you would get many who would know?

The day itself, 14th of February, is more famous than the man it is named after. There is something you also may not know. After Christmas cards, St Valentine’s day cards are the second most sent greeting cards of all. The numbers run into tens of millions worldwide.

Everyone has a story to tell about St Valentine’s day. Cards you sent to somebody you were too shy to talk to, cards you never got that you were expecting.

There is something about this day that evokes so much positive emotions and offers so much hope.

Beauty Salons & St Valentine’s Day

It matter not that we may not be getting taken to some fancy restaurant or club. Looking our best, be you man or woman, is the priority for this most romantic of days.

Nothing should be left for chance. Who wants to get caught out not looking absolutely stunning, or, as close to stunning as we can get.

Designed for Beauty has some of the very best in beauty treatments and they are all available to you. Do you want a complete makeover? No problem. Hair, nails, waxing, hair removal, massage and we even have beauty treatments for men.

If you take a few minutes to check out the pages of the main Designed For Beauty website, you’ll see what is on offer.

If there is a beauty treatment you want, we have it and the trained staff as well. Check out our surgical and non-surgical procedures. You’ll be amazed at what is available and the great affordable prices as well.

Please feel free to contact us and make an appointment, or, even if its for information and advice. We are always happy to talk to you.

Enjoy your St Valentines Day.


St Valentines Day 2018

St. Valentines Day 2018 – Are you ready for it?

St. Valentines Day

Look your very best for St. Valentines Day 2018 with Designed For Beauty.

St. Valentines Day 2018 is almost upon us. One of the most popular days of any calendar year, St. Valentines day is celebrated all over the world. I doubt there is more than a couple of the 195 countries that don’t celebrate Valentines Day.

Chocolates and flowers are the order of the day to most people. Others are a little more generous than others whilst some are more “low key”. But, really, it makes no difference how you celebrate St. Valentines day, the message is the same.

St. Valentine – The Legend

There are many stories, theories and myths surrounding St. Valentine. The catholic church has a few saints going by that name, in one variant or another. One of the more popular myths surrounding the saint of love and romance comes from ancient Rome.

In the time of Claudius II or Claudius Gothicus, who reigned from 268 AD to 270 AD, a priest by the name of Valentine helped prisoners of Rome to escape. He was caught, beaten with clubs and beheaded for his troubles.  Legend has it that, whilst in prison, Valentine fell in love with the jailers daughter.

Valentine was supposed to have written her a letter and signed it “from your valentine“. This is the message that is still used today on more than 160 million Valentines Cards. Only Christmas does better business in the cards .

There are other theories as to were the saint came from and why we celebrate the 14th of February. I’ll leave you yo Google that one.

Are you ready for St. Valentines Day? No doubt, there are events coming up, both large and intimate, that you may be invited to. In which case, Designed for Beauty are at your service to help you look and feel your best for this most romantic of days.

Don’t lose out, contact us today and see what we have to offer you as far as beauty treatments and beauty products are concerned. Our staff are willing and ready to help you look your very best.