Clinical Treatments

Designed For Beauty offer a range of advanced clinical treatments designed to permeate deeper layers of the skin and muscles to bring about a noticeable improvement to skin tone, texture and clarity.

Treatment Price
Nail fungus treatment 20 mins Laser/IPL £40 per session
Skin tag removal – quick and safe £10 – 15 mins
Verruca and wart removal using advanced electrolysis £10 – 15 mins
Verruca and wart removal using Laser/IPL £20 – 15mins
Hair stimulation treatment for thinning and reseeding hair using the derma roller and special hair serum course of 10 treatments £500 – 30mins per session
Scar removal using Laser/IPL from £30 per session – 15 mins
Scar removal using multitrepannic collagen actuation a dry needling technique which breaks down the elastin fibres and smoothes out the scar stimulating new healthy tissue from £100 – 30-60 mins per session
Acne treatments RegimA Peel & Heal £66-45 mins including aftercare
Acne treatment using Laser/IPL to kill off the bacteria, helps with hyperpigmentation and production of new healthy smooth skin from £50 – 15 mins
Acne scarring treatment – derma roller – Course of 4 sessions £250 – 30 mins per session
Acne scarring treatment derma roller single session £75 – 30 mins

Stretch marks treatments for both pigmented and non pigmented stretch marks

We recommend Laser/IPL Photo Rejuvenation to improve the appearance of the skin and remove the hyperpigmentation.

Time Price
15 mins £50 per session

Non-pigmented/white stretch marks

A technique known as MCA which is a dry needling technique that helps to smooth the elastin fibres and stimulate the melocytes to produce smooth pigmented skin.

Time Price
60 mins £150 per session

Wrinkle MCA

MCA treatment for close to the eye MCA a dry needling technique which stimulates the fibroblasts to produce collagen and elastin there by plumping out wrinkles.

Time Price
60 mins £150 per session