Massage Treatments

After the initial consultation with your massage therapist, treatment will begin with a direct, deep pressure massage where you’ll experience greater intensity than with the more, gentle and relaxing therapies. Our advanced massage techniques are effective for a wide range of ailments, including chronic back pain, trapped nerves, arthritis, migraine and frozen shoulder.

Treatment Price
Sports Massage, back, neck & shoulder £30 – 30mins
Sports Massage, full body massage £50 – 50mins
Deep tissue massages, back, neck & shoulder £25 – 30mins
Deep tissue massage, full body massage £45 – 50mins
Swedish full body massage £40 – 45mins
Swedish back, neck and shoulder massage £25 – 25mins
Aromatherapy full body massage £45 – 50mins
Aromatherapy back, neck and shoulder massage £30 – 30mins
Aromatherapy and reflexology combined £70 – 80mins
Myan ritual full body massage inspired by this ancient Civilisation. Your feet are bathed then warm aromatherapy oils are drizzled over your body. Pressure points are stimulated and a wonderful combination of deep tissue massage with lovely soothing, relaxing massage plus hot towels are laid over you. £60 – 60mins
Salt poultice massage £45 – 50mins
Salt poultice back and shoulder massage £30 – 30mins
Hot stone massage £45 – 50mins
Hot stone back neck and shoulder massage £25 – 25mins
Indian head massage £35 – 35mins
Indian head massage £20 – 20mins
Egyptian Medical back massage £30 – 25mins
Egyptian full body massage £50 – 55mins
Reflexology £35 – 40mins
Acupressure massage £55 – 50mins
Remedial massage corrective deep tissue massage – for the treatment of conditions such as sciatica, neck & back pain, frozen shoulders etc £25 – 30mins