Beauty Treatments in the Monmouth Area

Beauty Treatments in the Monmouth area
Beauty Treatments in the Monmouth Area – Botox; Before and After

Surgical and non-surgical treatments by professional staff and at reasonable prices

Clinical Treatments
Designed For Beauty offer a range of advanced clinical treatments designed to permeate deeper layers of the skin and muscles to bring about a noticeable improvement to skin tone, texture and clarity. WE have the following treatments and procedures available.

Nail fungus treatment 20 mins Laser/IPL £40 per session
Skin tag removal – quick and safe £10 – 15 mins
Verruca and wart removal using advanced electrolysis £10 – 15 mins
Verruca and wart removal using Laser/IPL £20 – 15mins
Hair stimulation treatment for thinning and reseeding hair using the derma roller and special hair serum course of 10 treatments £500 – 30mins per session
Scar removal using Laser/IPL from £30 per session – 15 mins
Scar removal using multitrepannic collagen actuation a dry needling technique which breaks down the elastin fibres and smoothes out the scar stimulating new healthy tissue from £100 – 30-60 mins per session
Acne treatments RegimA Peel & Heal £66-45 mins including aftercare
Acne treatment using Laser/IPL to kill off the bacteria helps with hyperpigmentation and production of new healthy smooth skin from £50 – 15 mins
Acne scarring treatment – derma roller – Course of 4 sessions £250 – 30 mins per session
Acne scarring treatment derma roller single session £75 – 30 mins

That’s not all!

There is a myriad of other beauty treatments, wellness programmes, beauty products as well as surgical and not surgical treatments for all the body.

Please visit the main websites pages and look through what is available. If you need any help or advice, we are ready and willing to help you. Please contact us for further details, advice on procedures or help.

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