St Valentines Day 2018

St. Valentines Day 2018 – Are you ready for it?

St. Valentines Day

Look your very best for St. Valentines Day 2018 with Designed For Beauty.

St. Valentines Day 2018 is almost upon us. One of the most popular days of any calendar year, St. Valentines day is celebrated all over the world. I doubt there is more than a couple of the 195 countries that don’t celebrate Valentines Day.

Chocolates and flowers are the order of the day to most people. Others are a little more generous than others whilst some are more “low key”. But, really, it makes no difference how you celebrate St. Valentines day, the message is the same.

St. Valentine – The Legend

There are many stories, theories and myths surrounding St. Valentine. The catholic church has a few saints going by that name, in one variant or another. One of the more popular myths surrounding the saint of love and romance comes from ancient Rome.

In the time of Claudius II or Claudius Gothicus, who reigned from 268 AD to 270 AD, a priest by the name of Valentine helped prisoners of Rome to escape. He was caught, beaten with clubs and beheaded for his troubles.  Legend has it that, whilst in prison, Valentine fell in love with the jailers daughter.

Valentine was supposed to have written her a letter and signed it “from your valentine“. This is the message that is still used today on more than 160 million Valentines Cards. Only Christmas does better business in the cards .

There are other theories as to were the saint came from and why we celebrate the 14th of February. I’ll leave you yo Google that one.

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