Designed for Beauty Hypnotherapy

Designed for Beauty – Hypnotherapy

We’d like to introduce you to our hypnotherapist, Peter, who specialises in weight loss (Hypno- gastric band), helping to give up smoking, stopping nail biting and he also works with phobias.

For further information contact the Salon:  01600 719219. We have some amazing introductory offers for our in house Hypnotherapist.

The Hypno- gastric band is very well regarded as a useful tool in weight management. It is performed over a course of 4 sessions. Designed for Beauty’s  clients are extremely fortunate in having this treatment for half the usual price.

The beauty of the Hypno therapy is it changes your way of thinking about the how you eat. It can give you control of your appetite and reduce and remove cravings.

It can help you commitment to the weight loss process and increase your will power there by giving you that edge to be successful in your goal.

Peter Smith - Hypnotherapist

Peter Smith – Hypnotherapist


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