Christmas Beauty 2016- Get Ready

Christmas Beauty 2016

Christmas Beauty Products – Get ready for Christmas 2016

Christmas Beauty? The party season is almost upon us and the little black dress is calling. So those extra summer holiday pounds have to go.

There are all sorts of pills, potions diets and exercise classes around to help you shift the weight. Unfortunately, they all boil down to how committed you are!!

Special November offer, Gel acrylic extensions with Cherelle, 20% off on Thursday and Saturdays plus 20% off aromatherapy massage or back, neck and shoulder massage with Vicky throughout November.

However, there are things that we can do and with the right help you can tip the scales in your favour. Special nutritional advice, Cavi-Lipo fat removal, Lipo Light fat remove, equivalent of doing 360 sit ups and all you have to do is lay down and let it do the work.

All the above can make a great positive impact but you have to do your part too.

We will help support you, give you tips and advice to assist you successfully reach your christmas beauty goal.

If you really want to razzle dazzle them this Christmas party season come along and have a free consultation to show you how to make the most of yourself. Makeup, skin and body wise.

Seeing specialist in these fields can transform you to the image you had always wished for.

Every Christmas it seems to get harder to find the right gift especially for the men in my family. I’ve done the golf stuff, the computerised stuff, the watch, wallet, brief case and so on.

So this year I am going to take note of all the times I’ve heard them complain about having a bad back or a sore neck or their shoulder is stiff and hurting and I am going to buy them a gift voucher for some remedial treatments to ease there aches and pains and stress away.

For men looking to buy a nice Christmas present for the ladies in their lives you can be sure that if you get a personalised gift voucher for them they can enjoy a really good pamper and you are bound to get it right!

No matter, male or female we all like to have a special treat and nowadays a good beauty clinic is very much open to both men and women.

Clinics such as ours offer treatments that transcend the genders and incorporate health, beauty and aesthetics all under one roof.

For example, sports massage, aromatherapy, skin tag removal, thread vein removal, laser, Botox, peels, ani- ageing treatments plus your standard manicures, pedicures and waxing.

So, if you want to look your best this Christmas and have a perfect present for your loved one, look no further than your local beauty, health and aesthetics clinic.

Christmas beauty is not just for Christmas, its all year round.

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