Springtime Beauty Treatments Monmouthshire

Its Spring! Yippee! The winter is at an end. For those who like the winter, is a sad passing. Others though, they see the springtime as a new lease of life.

Springtime starts at different times
Spring can start at different times, depending on who you ask. Looking at the astronomical calendar the first day of spring is 20 March.

The Phenological method records dates of reoccurring natural phenomena such as flowering. For meteorologists, spring starts on 1 March and runs until 31 May.

Whichever sprintime you preferr, one thing is for sure. Its time for something new, not just in nature, but for yourself.

Designed for Beauty is now open from 9am to 9pm so there is plenty of time to book. There are also plenty of surgical and non-surgical procedures on offer.

Semi-Permanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent makeup is the term used to describe make up that will not come off for years. It is implanted into the skin using very fine needles.

The pigment, not ink unlike in a normal tattoo is EU regulated and will fade in time but this could be years and if you have top ups it will last forever!

One of the most popular treatments is eyebrows because a great many people lose their eyebrow hairs for a variety of reasons alopecia, chemotherapy or a genetic disorder to name but a few. See More.

Tanning Salon

Our tanning service, including spray tanning and sun showers will help you feel like you again.

We are dedicated to helping people throughout Monmouthshire look their best by providing the best tanning booths and spray tans in Monmouth, Abergavenny, Chepstow, Forest of Dean, Ross-on-Wye and the surrounding areas. More information

Lots more Springtime opening hours

Check out our main website pages. There are so many surgical, none surgical and beauty treatments of all types, hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, Ten Years Younger and we also have Forest of Dean Lodges breaks.

With our new opening hours, you have a lot more time to prepare. We’ll be glad to see you. If you need help or advice, please contact us.

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