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Male Beauty Treatments  Cristiano Ronaldo

Christiano Ronaldo: Modern footballers set the trend for how young men should look.

Male Beauty Treatments? These days, men take as much care in their appearance as most woman do.

Gone are the old attitudes towards cosmetics and clothing, likewise hairstyles and dental treatments.

Why is this?

There are many reasons why attitudes have changed. I remember my own father using nothing more than Vaseline or, when times were bad, grease / margarine or something else to hold firm his Teddy Boy D.A hairstyle.

My dad would make jokes about people using deodorants, hairsprays and other products targeted towards the male population in the 70’s and 80’s.

With the advent of Glam Rock and other musical genres, it became acceptable for men to have strange and exotic hairstyles, coloured hair, shaved heads and lots more besides.

Clothing became more and more strange, more expensive and before you know it, an “everything goes” attitude developed in the male world.

Gone was the need to look rugged or tough, short back and sides hairstyles were long gone and it became ever more important for the male of the species to look good, feel good, smell good and if it took going to a tanning booth, cosmetic surgeon or a aesthetic clinic, then that was what happened.

Male Beauty Treatments Monmouthshire

Football players were role models in my youth, players like “Chopper” Harris, Norman “bites yer legs” Hunter, Tommy “The Anfield Iron” Smith and other footballing hard men were marked out as the way males should look and play.

Male Beauty Treatment - Beauty Products for men

Not all modern day players were over keen on male beauty treatments. Ian Dowie.

No nonsense haircuts and plain and sensible clothing, down the pub after the game (in some cases (BEFORE) the game and men of few words.

Nowadays, the footballing role models are Beckham, Christiano Ronaldo, Ferminho, Paul Pogba and other top flight players, some of them have the hairdresser actually in the dressing room so they have perfect hairstyles as they enter the field of play.

Looking good was never more important, hundreds of millions of people tune in to watch football and other sports and, god forbid, your hair doesn’t look great.

The Internet and Male Beauty Products

Along with celebrities and athletes, the common man has found his way to attract the attention of a wider audience and this is via the Internet.

Now, men and woman, young and old can take “selfies” and post them for all they are worth onto any number of social media sites.

Looking great online is as socially important as any celebrity on the TV. Technology has helped even further by producing apps (an “application” usually downloaded to a mobile device, such as a phone or tablet) which enhance even further the uses features.

So, why do we need male beauty treatments?

Because in reality, you cannot fool all of the people, all of the time. Sooner or later, you come face to face with your online pals or your favourite celebrity or sports star and, if you or they don’t look perfect, you will find yourself a very disappointed person.

Worry not though. Designed For Beauty Male Beauty Treatments are available to everyone.

Gone are the days when a man was supposed to look like a Woolley Mammoth (and smell like one) Designed for Beauty have a range of treatments for hair removal from all parts of the body as well as the infamous “mono brow” and nail treatments.

If looking good is your mission in life, then visit our main website Designed for Beauty / Beauty Treatments for Men and see what we can do to make you look perfect.

You’ll be very glad you did.


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