Is 2017 the year you are finally going to sort out those issues that have been bothering you?

Here at Designed for Beauty we can help you with any weight issues you may have been struggling with.  We have weight loss treatments, starting with simple supplements that increase your body metabolism – helping you burn calories more quickly. We have effective, proven, non-surgical treatments available including bio-slimming, Lipo Light and Cavi Light – a non-surgical liposuction. There are also surgical treatments such as a gastric balloon or gastric band – or a surgical gastric by-pass procedure.

So, whatever your need for weight loss, we have access to the technology to help you. Free consultations are available with no obligation. We have established a reputation for reliability and professionalism with the ability to help clients find the appropriate treatment for their particular needs. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable, accommodating – but never pushy. We are here to help you.



Not only do we provide aesthetic and clinical treatments we offer a full range of beauty treatments including; Nail Bar, Waxing and Threading. Very often no appointment is necessary and you can be seen straight away, as we have 4 nail technicians, Erica, Sophie, Natalie and Renata, 5 beauty therapists and 4 trained therapists in threading. We have just brought out our fantastic glitter tips and colour changing, gel varnish. Do come and have a look the range is stunning.

You can choose from a range of different colours and styles of glitter tips, if you are crazy about glitter, we can cover your whole nail in acrylic glitter. This is all the rage this New Year and we just can’t get enough of nails, nails, nails!

What’s your perfect shape? We can do them all. Square, Oval, Almond, Stiletto, Ballerina etc.

Almond and Stiletto are really popular at the moment and when done properly with high standard products they can look amazing. Whether you need them done for a night out on the town, friend’s birthday, wedding or you just feel like spoiling yourself then Designed for Beauty is the right place for you. We have loyalty cards so you can save yourself some money whilst being pampered, on your 5th session you will receive a small FREE gift and on your 10th session you will get a set of Acrylic/ Gel Extensions absolutely FREE!

Designed for Beauty doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or harsh acrylic such as “MMA” which is banned in the USA because it is so toxic but regrettably is still being used in many UK nail bars. Have you seen the horror stories from using MMA acrylic? Just Google MMA, acrylic disasters and see for yourself.


Designed for Beauty really can help you achieve the look you want. Whether it is removing wrinkles or unwanted flab, we have all the expertise from basic beauty treatments, right the way through to cosmetic surgery. Every step of the way, whatever treatment you have with us you can guarantee that you will receive first class treatment performed by experts in their field. We would like to introduce the latest additions to our range;

We have a range of very effective weight loss treatments, including Bio slimming (thermal reaction), lipo lite (Lipolysis) and Cavi- lipo (ultrasound fat reduction). Plus, weight loss supplements. We also have intense muscle toning via the genie body and power plate. In addition, we also have one of the leading gastric balloon/ bariatric surgeon’s in the world, to help you with weight loss. We also work with two cosmetic surgery clinics in Prague, the Calabar of which are outstanding. Not only will you receive first class treatment from them, but it will be at a fraction of the cost that you would pay in the UK.

Dr Kiran Kandola, who specialises in advanced aesthetics such as the Silhouette Collagen Thread Facelift, Plasma Facelift, Advanced Botox and Advanced Dermal Fillers. He also trains other Dr’s to do these treatments.
We have our own full laser and IPL clinic.

The treatments are performed by a qualified and experienced laser technician. Plus we have a highly experienced and qualified Micro-pigmentationist, who has worked both nationally and internationally using Semi-permanent makeup to create natural looking eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner and colour. She is trained to medical masters standard in micro pigmentation this means not only can she do the cosmetic treatments but she can also create Areolas, Camouflage scars, correct Cleft Lip issues and do correction work.

We have a full list of clinical treatments on offer which include, mole, skin tag, wart, verruca, age spots/ sun spots, boils and sebaceous cyst, acne scarring and general scar removal, treatments for sciatica, carpal tunnel, muscular aches and pains, back problems and rosacea. Of course, we still do all the general beauty treatments from waxing and threading, nails to advanced luxury facials and our amazing, worlds most powerful and effective non-surgical facelift, the Genie! Not forgetting our lovely in-house Hair salon that offers a full range, from a basic cut to full head of foils to party hair and extensions We are also a VTCT training academy. VTCT is the industry’s largest awarding body, and we are one of their accredited training academies. We currently have classes running for Threading, Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Semi- permanent makeup, Electrolysis, Anatomy and Physiology.
We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that we also run a full service from our Forest of Dean Clinic as well; contact details are the same as our Monmouth Clinic.

All our consultations are free to book, please contact us on; Phone: 01600 719219 email:


If you really want to razzle dazzle them, this Christmas come and see us at Designed for Beauty. We have a huge selection of Christmas gifts and surprises for both him and her, from a small little stocking filler right up to a luxury weekend for two; but if you can’t make up your mind what to get there is always one of our personalised gift vouchers. Not only can we offer you fantastic gifts for him and her we can help transform you into a Christmas sparkling party gem, with our stunning eyelash extensions or our party season lashes and amazing hairstyles for that special event. If it’s the little black dress that’s bothering you then come and see us, we can help shed those pounds and bring in your waistline. Christmas is the season for glamorous nails and long lashes and why not a little party spray tan?
No matter, male or female we all like to have a special treat and nowadays a good beauty clinic is very much open to both men and women. Clinics such as ours offer treatments that transcend the genders incorporate health, beauty, hairstyling and aesthetics all under one roof. For example, sports massage, aromatherapy, skin tag removal, thread vein removal, laser, Botox, peels, anti- ageing treatments plus your standard manicures, pedicures and waxing and not to forget our new hair salon.
So, if you want to look your best this Christmas and have a perfect present for your loved one, look no further than Designed for Beauty your local hair and beauty salon plus health and aesthetics clinic.


The Revolutionary New Absorbable Thread Lifts- Patients Guide To Understanding

What are PDO threads?

Polydioxanone PDO is a synthetic absorbable monofilament thread which is commonly used in cardiovascular and fine ligatures. It is ultra thin and polydioxanone dissolves in up to 8 months and which yields rejuvenation results. The application of the threads is practically non- invasive and painless.

It takes up to 50 minutes and leaves no scaring or cuts and the minor redness disappears within a few days normally. They can be applied nearly anywhere on the body.

This procedure creates an alternative for patients who do not want to go down the surgical route but want the effects of a surgical face lift.

Threads are used to regenerate the skin, improving the structure of the face, neck, décolleté, breasts, buttocks, abdomen, knees and elbows. The procedure creates a natural and youthful appearance and protects against wrinkles for a period of time. The threads dissolve themselves but benefits can be seen for 12- 18 months.

The procedure is suitable for patients 25 and over, when ageing effects start to become apparent.

Ageing causes the skin to sag because collagen and elastin fibres breakdown. PDO threads help to reverse this process.
The threads do not pull artificially, the lifting produces collagen itself and then improves the blood circulation for elastic and eliminates wrinkles naturally.

Flabby skin worsens the appearance of wrinkles. Lifting and contouring of the body and face along with a much more youthful complexion can be achieved by collagen that resides at a deeper layer of the skin.

Today men and women prefer less invasive treatments with shorter downtimes and less self care.

Please note that results vary and we endeavour to manage patient expectations. The lift has a suitable result.


I am often asked “why it is we as women start to produce facial hair”. Some women far more than others.
Different levels of testosterone in the body are produced at different stages of our lives. Women can be particularly affected by this due to conditions such as polycystic ovaries or simple hormone changes. In particular, as we approach or have gone through the menopause.
There are a number of methods to remove unwanted hair, most are not permanent, even IPL/Laser is not guaranteed. The only guarantee and proven method of permanent removal is electrolysis provided it is performed by a skilled operator.
Here is a quote from one of our local clients:
“Home treatments failed, in-growing hairs erupted into unsightly bumps, and plucking grey whiskers was a daily chore. Research revealed electrolysis with an experienced operator is the only permanent answer, and treatments should continue, albeit at a reduced frequency, until facial growth is no longer a problem. Visions of a bearded future in a care home made me phone Erica, the qualified beauty therapist at Designed For Beauty, 01600 719219. No more searching for tweezers. Bliss!
“Jenny R- Monmouth”


How to lose weight and enjoy life.

Most of us at some time of our lives gain a bit of weight and need to lose a few pounds.
Dieting can be really depressing but there are some things that can give you the edge. At Designed for Beauty we can give nutritional advice such as; don’t eat fruit two hours either side of your meal as it will increase your glycogen level and you will store more fat.

Clinical research done in Berlin found that if you drink 17 oz of water within ten minutes of eating your fat burning metabolism increases by 30%. The University of Pittsburgh discovered through research that if you exercise for 10 minutes 3 times a day you can lose more than if you did one longer session per day.
Eating high protein or fibre meals will fill you up for longer, which requires more energy to be metabolised therefore you burn more calories. We can offer you very effective ways to exercise and diet plus we have the latest technology to help you, power plates, Lipo- Lite machine than transforms hard stored fat into soft manual able fat which we can then burn off.

We also have a Cavitation machine. This is the latest technology to be offered as a real alternative to Lipo suction. We also have the world’s most powerful body toning machine which is amazing at conditioning the muscles helping to bring back strong toned stomach muscles. One 20 min session is equal to doing 360 sit-ups and all you have to do is lie there. For every pound of lean toned muscle you have you will burn between 5 and 14 calories per day. The machine is great for helping to resurrect busts and saggy bums. So if you want to be successful in losing weight come and see us, you will be glad you did.


Here at Designed for Beauty we are able to offer flexible courses fully accredited with VTCT the leading awarding body for beauty holistic and hairdressing in the UK and the majority of Europe. Our courses can be tailor-made to your individual requirements, intensive training, online training; and one to one training are all available options.

When considering a training course it is important to be aware that the industry is and will continue to go through more professional registrations, this means many of the short courses and certificated courses by other providers are unlikely to be recognised in the future.

All of our tutors are industry experienced in the UK and some have international experience as well. They are all fully qualified both in their subject and in training and assessing.



What makes Designed for Beauty different from other beauty service providers?

  • High standard of qualifications.
  • Fully accredited and insured.
  • Registered with the local authorities.
  • Regularly inspected to make sure standards are adhered to and maintained.
  • Continuity of service.
  • Friendly, polite and professional.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience.
  • A complete service.
  • An extensive treatment list.
  • We offer hair, beauty, holistic, clinical and aesthetics.
  • Been in business for nearly a decade.
  • Always Go the extra mile.
  • Great team work.
  • We offer service locally for local people and provide employment.