All you need to know about thread veins

Thread Veins & Rosacea

Thread veins & Rosacea

Strange things crop up in conversations sometimes. My friend and I were talking football, as usual, and the subject of great managers cropped up (as it does) and I was asked what Brian Clough and Sir Alex Ferguson had in common?

One would expect the answer to be football related; but it was not.


Yes, Rosacea. Both Clough and Ferguson enjoyed a glass or two of the good stuff, unfortunately, this can bring on “drinkers nose” those unsightly red veins that make the person look as if they have donned a clowns nose. This has actually not been proven but in some peoples minds, it has.

The actual condition is called Rhynophyma (drinkers nose) and it is thought to be related to Rosacea.

What are Thread Veins?

Thread views come in all shapes and sizes but all are veins that are unsightly and are blood vessels that run close to the surface of the skin. Thread Veins can vary in size ad colour, from bright red and fine to large purple squiggles.

They are sometimes called “Spider veins” or “broken veins” but are not actually broken, they are enlarged veins. The medical term for them is telangiectasia.

There is no real known cause although hormonal changes are linked to Thread veins. Other factors are age, too much sunbathing, exposure to cold temperatures and so on. Nearly all of us will get them at some stage and, although unsightly, they are not dangerous.

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I have also found an excellent article that goes further in depth to the symptoms and causes of both Thread Veins and Rosacea.

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