Skincare Products To Use On An Aeroplane

Skincare Products To Use On An Aeroplane?

Skincare Products: I’ve written about many things on beauty Blogs and a lot of the things written by me have been more or less about beauty and aesthetic procedures used by Designed for Beauty in Monmouth.

Dermal fillers, Cologen fillers, aesthetic treatments and even beauty surgical procedures but I never knew that there was such products on the beauty market that will protect your skin when flying on an Aeroplane. Did you?

Call me sceptical but according to to Elle UK website, there are 15 products you should take on board a plane when heading for your holiday destination, to protect you from the horrible conditions, such as lack of oxygen, recycled air and such like.

Apparently, your complexion suffers from the conditions, causing it become tight or blemished.

What are these Skincare Products?

Well, if you have a little while to spare, you can click through the gallery of products that will save your skin. I’m not a fan of clicking through photographs but sometimes, if you want the information, you have to do it.

There are items on there that are expensive, as you might expect and how some of them are aeroplane proof, I don’t understand, perhaps we will find out when we hear from a court case or two for mis-representation.

Skincare products Chanel’s hydrating potion boasts clever micro-droplets that disperse on the skin to quench dry patches, and the featherweight texture means it sinks in faster than you can knock back a prosecco in the airport lounge.

If we were you, we’d stock up on a second bottle in Duty Free.

I suppose that 66 pounds per bottle is an absolute bargain if you want to protect your skin on your flight to where ever?

The description of the product lends more to a QVC channel product than a Chanel product but hey, you have to sell this stuff, don’t you?

I would be happy to hear from anyone who has used this on a plane. I wonder if a cruise ship would cause the same problems?

All joking aside; if you want to take a look at this article then I’m more than happy to provide you with the link.

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