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How can you make the changes that you wish for. First set your targets, then work out what you really want to achieve this year with your weight loss treatments.  

People often say it doesn’t matter how much I diet or how much I exercise, I can never lose my fat thighs, hips, bum or stomach.

Whatever area it is, there are reasons why you are storing fat in that particular place, so we have to be area specific in our exercise approach. 

Diet wise just calorie counting isn’t going to work! Restricting the body from what it needs will only evoke the starvation reflex and actually cause your body to store fat, so you will find it harder to lose weight and if you do reach the scales target weight chances are you won’t lose it from where you wish to and when you stop the diet the weight will pile back on.

Designed For Beauty can help with more than just weight loss. We have a fantastic range of surgical and non-surgical procedures available that can help you to achieve the image or body that you are seeking.

Bioslimming is a new body wrap treatment that promises to decrease the appearance of fatty deposits and cellulite by up to 67% in four weeks following a course of treatments.

Targeting cellulite and fat, it burns calories, enhances weight loss whilst firming and toning.
Everybody wants to lose weight, even if you are a top athlete and god knows there are many weight loss products, slimming programmes and a million weight loss websites that you could shake a stick at.

Check the main Designed For Beauty website and see what is available. If you need any help or more information about our procedures, please contact us, we have professional staff ready to take your call.

We will be delighted to see you.

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