Beauty Treatments Clinics and Salons Monmouthshire

What kind of beauty services are available in Monmouthshire? For most people, the summer holidays are over and its back to the grindstone. For some its work, others education or just daily routines. The summer of 2018 has been, in most parts, fantastic. Very high temperatures and prolonged warm weather although welcome, also caused problems […]

How Does the Sun Affect Hair and Skin?

British Heatwave: How does the sun affect Hair & Skin?   Sun, sea and sunburn? Britain is baking in one f the hottest summers ever recorded. People are actually moaning that its too HOT! I never thought I would hear that said so readily.  The heatwave is set to continue with temperatures reaching 37ºC in […]

St Valentines Day 2018

St. Valentines Day 2018 – Are you ready for it? St. Valentines Day 2018 is almost upon us. One of the most popular days of any calendar year, St. Valentines day is celebrated all over the world. I doubt there is more than a couple of the 195 countries that don’t celebrate Valentines Day. Chocolates […]