Beauty and Modern Culture

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then some of us need glasses I think!

It’s not normally my usual Monday morning programme. But, for some reason, I found myself watching ‘Lorraine’. For those of you who have never seen the programme, its ‘Magazine’ type offering. A mixture of fashion, advice, cookery, hints and tips and general odds-and-ends.

Today on Lorraine there was an item about Love Island. I have never seen Love Island but from the clips I did see, I shall not be making the effort. The sister of oe contestant was offering us ‘insights’ into what might or might not be going on.

Anyway; What made this programme interesting for me was the ‘work’ that the young lady must have had done. Most notably, her lips.

The crueller amongst us refer to lip work that is just that little too much on the large side as to make it look obviously false as ‘Duck Face’ or ‘Trout Pout’. The actress Leslie Ash springs to mind when we think of celebrities who have gone down this road.

Any beauty treatments, surgical or non-surgical really do need real consideration before you embark on what could be permenant change to your body.

For this reason, Designed for Beauty are always available for help and advice for any beauty treatments. As well as offering a wide range of Surgical and non-surgical treatments, we offer helpful advice on the pros and cons of any beauty treatments.

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