Top Beauty Treatments Clinics

Top Beauty Treatments – Stay fit, Look Good

Top Beauty Treatments Clinics

Looking good makes us also feel good. Yes? Anyone who doesn’t think they look to good is going to lack self confidence, its just how think.

How many times have you had your hair done, got yourself a nice tan, done your nails and put on your glad rags and felt lousy? You don’t, you feel a million dollars because, to you at least, you look a million dollars.

So, what do we have at the Designed for Beauty Clinic that will help you look great and feel great?

Slimming, Toning & Weight Loss Treatments

Genie is a powerful and innovative multi-functioning system for your face and body. The Genie incorporates a slimming and toning system with potent, non-surgical face-lifting technology.

The Genie is the world’s most powerful toning machine up to a thousand times more power full than its competitors. A single session on the stomach is equal to doing 360 sit ups. You will love it.

Check out the sessions and prices from our main website pages.

What is Bioslimming

Bioslimming is unlike the traditional body wraps on the market and successfully targets cellulite, fat, burns calories, enhances weight loss and slims, firms and tones. Bioslimming is scientifically formulated using a unique combination of active ingredients which include a multitude of plant extracts, high concentration of caffeine, essential oils, algae extract & thermo agents (both hot & cold). This allows Bioslimming to produce incredible, long lasting results which are visible from the first treatment.

The Benefits Of Bioslimming

Benefits of treatment include – average loss of 1-4cm per measured area, reduction in appearance of cellulite and fat deposits, detoxes, slims, firms & tones, skin feels softer, reduction in appearance of varicose, thread & spider veins, reduction in fluid retention particularly lower legs, enhances weight loss and reduces appetite, burns calories for two hours, the slimming & fat burning process continues to work for 12 hours following application. The results are instant and long lasting.

Other Options

Vibro Plate or Power Plate Workouts. Imagine going to the gym for a 1 hour workout. What if you could condense that into a 10 minute power plate / vibro plate session? I bet you would feel much better knowing that this is possible.  10 minutes of a vibro plate equates to 1 hour gym time. Check it out.

Clinical Treatments

For all those other things that we have to deal with in life, aches and pains, lumps and bumps, scars, marks and blemishes. Designed for Beauty has clinical treatments to cover anything that you don’t like. Don’t suffer in silence, check out what our clinical treatments cover and contact us. We are always happy to hear from you, even if its just for advice.

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