Ultrasound Cavitation (Cavi Lipo)

ultrasound-cavitation We have a fantastic range of treatments to help you get the body you’ve always wanted!  We have the much acclaimed Cavi-Lipo machine. This is ideal for removing stubborn fat that just doesn’t seem to go by dieting or exercise. This really works and can literally melt the fat away.

Ultrasound Cavitation or Cavi-Lipo

With the latest technology in Ultrasound we can now blast fat cells without any risk of uneven skin. Only a few treatments are needed for outstanding results. Helping both men and women remove  fat deposits on the stomach, thighs, hips, breasts, upper arms, double chin etc.

Get rid of excess fat!

No injections or interventions are needed you can immediately return to your normal activities. The Cavi-Lipo method is new, revolutionary and is increasingly replacing surgical liposuction . A Cavi-Lipo treatment is comfortable, similar to a massage. Clinical studies have shown weight-loss of fat not water or fluids in just five sessions of up to 9kg. Thats One and a Half stone! You select where and when you want to lose the weight!

How it works

The ultrasound waves cause bubbles to form in the fat cells, they burst making the fat molecules small enough to pass through the wall of the fat cell into the excretory system to be disposed of. It is safe and very effective.

Here at Designed for Beauty in Monmouth we have this treatment available. So this year theres no need to worry about getting into shape.

In addition we have fantastic weight loss tablets that reduces appetite and increases the metabolic rate. Within hours of taking Actislim Platinum, you will find cravings reduced and your energy levels increased.

Benefits of Actislim Platinum are Fat burning, Appetite suppressing & increased metabolism

With our exceptionally powerful toning machine, one session using it is the equivalent of doing 360 sit ups and all you have to do is lie there whilst it does the work.

Becoming a member of our power plate/ vibro plate club, there’s no need to book just come and use it as and when you want. These machines can help stimulate your metabolic rate, improve your circulation and tone up muscles.  Lose a dress size in 3 weeks using these machines regularly. They are quick, efficient and there’s no need for special clothing or trainers. One 10 minute session is equivalent to an hour in the gym.

So come and see us and we will help you achieve your goal!

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