Weight loss treatments in Monmouth and surrounding areas

How can you make the changes that you wish for. First set your targets, then work out what you really want to achieve this year with your weight loss treatments.  People often say it doesn’t matter how much I diet or how much I exercise, I can never lose my fat thighs, hips, bum or stomach.

Whatever area it is, there are reasons why you are storing fat in that particular place, so we have to be area specific in our exercise approach. Diet wise just calorie counting isn’t going to work! Restricting the body from what it needs will only evoke the starvation reflex and actually cause your body to store fat, so you will find it harder to lose weight and if you do reach the scales target weight chances are you won’t lose it from where you wish to and when you stop the diet the weight will pile back on.

Weight loss treatments

Weight loss treatments are a great way to get the form you want

To unlock the secrets of weight loss treatments you must understand your body type

The first thing to do is to look at your body structure see which body type you are MESAMORPH, ECTORMORPH or ENDORMORPH.  Your body type will to a certain extent dictate how and where you are likely to store fat.  If you are a mesamorph you will tend to store fat on your back and the torso but if you are an endomorph you will store fat on your hips, thighs and bum.  Ectormorphs are generally the lucky ones, they tend to stay lean.  The next step is to look at what types of foods affect each area of the body.

We know that alcohol tends to affect the torso, encouraging fat storing in that area.  We also know that some body types build muscle more quickly than others, so it is important to train the muscles but then ensure that the muscles are elongated back to their natural length otherwise you create heavy muscle areas that will be prone to storing fat if you reduce your training program at any time. Some foods actually help us burn fat more effectively others make our bodies slow and sluggish increasing fat storage. We also know that if you peak and trough, your glycogen levels will increase fat storage.

Teaching your body to use the right energy sources is essential

The body will always use the most available source of energy, the carbohydrates that you have just eaten, secondly the soft malleable fat and lastly the hard stored fat.  So the trick is to make the hard stored fat into soft malleable fat and restrict the carbohydrates. That way, when you exercise the body will tap into the soft malleable fat that you have just made available.  There are a number of ways to change hard stored fat into soft malleable.   Non surgical lipo suction machine using light therapy, to break hard fat down such as the ILipo and Lipo Lite machines can be used or very deep vigorous massage in the affected area. Follow either of these methods with the right exercise and reduction in those areas is achievable.

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